Massage Jets

Massage jets enrich the pool experience. The use of different massage strengths at different heights enables a targeted massage of individual parts of the body – providing relaxation from head to toe.


Overflow Channel

High-tech overflow channel pools are practically self-cleaning. The vertical flow through the bottom/inflow channel ensures optimal pool hydraulics, where surface contaminants are automatically removed. The water is level with the edge of the pool, allowing for an unobstructed view over the pool edge whilst swimming.

Piezo Switch

Piezo push-button switches are ideal for controlling pool features from within the pool. They are operated by lightly pressing the button – signals can be carried over very long distances. The LED lighting indicates the current mode, manual or timer-operated control possible.

Water Treatment System

Water samples are extracted at two sampling points and fed into the chlorine-pH measuring and regulating system.  The water properties are analysed and the levels are adjusted according to specified values.

Neck Rest

The neck rest, with an anti-slip surface, supports the head and allows for even more relaxation when lying down. The round foam cushion is covered with special antibacterial synthetic leather. There is a range of colours to choose from, as well as custom designs available.

Inflow Channel

This part of the circulation system ensures even, optimal water flow and highly efficient water purification. The inflow channel, with its anti-slip surface is integrated into the pool floor, runs the entire length of the pool and is equipped with inlet holes. 

Tubular Lounger

Ergonomically shaped stainless steel loungers are the epitome of luxury and relaxation. Not only do they provide a reclined position to help further unwind – in combination with hydro and/or air systems they also offer a soothing massage. Neck rests provide additional comfort. Enrich your pool experience with a hydro/air massage lounger.


Safety comes first when entering your Heidenbauer pool. Whether straight, corner entry, Roman steps or stairs across the entire width of the pool – there are various options to perfectly incorporate your pool steps to make it safe and easy to get in and out. 


Railings provide additional safety when entering or leaving the pool. Our perfectly crafted stainless steel rails are manufactured according to strict standards in order to ensure maximum comfort and safety.

Underwater Speakers

High-performance built-in underwater speakers are a popular feature of the ultimate luxury pool. Whether for hotels, therapy or simply to recreate the resort experience in your own domicile – integrate underwater speakers into the overall outdoor sound system and enjoy your favourite tunes uninterrupted in and out of the pool.

Night Drainage

When not in use – as well as the pool cover being rolled out – the water level in pools with an overflow channel is lowered during the night. Circulation is still guaranteed and takes place via the floor drains. Draining the overflow channels significantly reduces heat loss, as water can no longer evaporate from this area. Both energy and operating costs are saved.

LED Spotlights

Perfectly showcase your stainless steel pool with Heidenbauer Edelstahl lighting technology. State-of-the-art power-LED-systems can be implemented to produce both colourful and spectacular underwater light effects.




In-wall Steps

Space saving in-wall steps – easily access your pool via a ladder integrated flush with the pool wall.


Underwater stainless steel benches offer even more opportunity for relaxation within pool environments. They can be custom-made to fit various shapes and positions, be integrated into the design of the entry steps and when required also elegantly house the pool roller shutter cover. In combination with air massage systems and/or wall massage jets, massage benches are a versatile addition to any Heidenbauer pool.

Counter Current Systems

Swim without having to turn at the end of the pool – a counter current system creates an even yet powerful current just below the surface of the water, allowing for continuous swimming. Whether for recreational swimming or serious training, the strength of the jet can be adjusted to suit individual needs – children, adults or even competitive swimmers can enjoy this additional feature. Invest in fitness and health whilst heightening your pool experience.


Reduce heat loss with an automated pool cover. Outdoors they protect against dirt and foliage. Indoors, pool water evaporation is significantly reduced and when combined with air conditioning and dehumidifying systems, up to 80 % can be saved on energy costs. In-pool covers are practically invisible and roll up on a stainless steel reel integrated into a bench or into a floor or wall shaft. Above-ground covers are mounted next to the pool and can be hidden in a wooden or plastic bench. Thanks to our planning expertise, high-tech methods and high-end materials we  provide solutions for both simple and complex shapes.

Waterfalls + Canons

The waterfall shower produces a broad cascade, where as the canon offers targeted point massage – both result in a massaging effect on the neck and shoulders.

Suction Opening

Suction openings are used to extract water for various pool features (massage jets, water fountains etc.). Perforated stainless steel covers ensure maximum safety in the pool by preventing hair or clothing from being sucked in. Only certified suction systems that comply with current standards and safety regulations allow for care-free swimming.

Anti-slip Surface

Anti-slip surfaces prevent slipping on steps, the floor or the turning area of sports pools, Heidenbauer produces and implements an anti-slip surface of the highest standard C in accordance with DIN 51097, which is manufactured in-house by Heidenbauer Edelstahl.

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Infinite design possibilities, pristine conditions and refined workmanship result in the purest luxury – making every Heidenbauer pool unique.

Not only does stainless steel allow for endless custom shapes and unique solutions, it has numerous material characteristics which offer a wide variety of benefits.

Water clarity, purity and hygiene are top priority. The high-end materials, quality workmanship along with cutting-edge technology implemented by Heidenbauer Pools guarantees optimal conditions for this element.

The combination of glass and stainless steel provides infinite design possibilities – purpose designed Heidenbauer glass-walled pools allow for numerous new perspectives.

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